75m Meserret III ex Leander G










In November 2020 Vickers Studio signed the contract to design the refit of the iconic 75m yacht Leander G. The scope of works was for new layouts on all four decks with new interior fit out of all surfaces, including all new lighting, furniture, fabrics and accessories.

The client was a very experienced yacht owner with a clear idea of the intention for the new interior, design and exterior furniture. The timescale was very demanding, and Leander was already waiting in RMK Istanbul with the teams in place to strip out the interior. All that was needed was the design…

Vickers Studio were awarded this prestigious project on the back of John’s experience of classic yacht interiors and delivering large volumes of detailed work on tight time schedules.

The process started with a seven day visit to the client’s homes and current yachts. There was extensive time spent onboard reviewing the current state of Leander, and it was agreed by all parties that the best way forward would be to fully reconfigure the interior layout maximising the potential of the yachts volume. At the end of the week, which had been spent sketching layouts and joinery details with the owner, John had provisional approvals on much of the design concept.

The interior joinery was all based around the clients love of classical architecture and design, using the ‘golden ratio’ to create all the panelling proportions. The design included careful lighting of teak and white painted wall panelling in elegant symmetry, with feature furniture on loose rugs over wood floors.  The client’s art collection was of paramount importance and many of the interior visuals contained art positioning and the actual dimensions of various pieces. The client loved the Vickers interior for yacht Blue II and so a similar idea of a classical interior but with a modern fresh feel was created.

Through November 2020, the Vickers team created pen visuals, interior photo-real visuals and interior CAD information for the main deck, upper deck and bridge deck. These went to the client for final approval and then onto the interior fit-out teams. Throughout December and January the Vickers design team modified and approved the workshop drawings, developing solutions to the various refit issues which arose following the strip out of the interior. The difficulties of the Covid lockdowns were numerous, but there were good working relationships with all parties and a lot of Zoom calls!

In June 2021, Leander emerged from RMK with three new decks and exterior areas, ready for a full program for the owner’s summer. She returned to RMK at the end of the season for the final installation of the lower deck, guest cabins and beach club, before final completion of the two-year refit in June 2022.

Vickers Studio are covered by NDAs regarding the final interior photos, but safe to say it is one of their proudest yacht completions, not least because of Leander having been the unofficial royal yacht for the British royal family. Working with this client was an honour and a privilege for the Vickers team. Not only was she completed in record time, but we feel this classic yacht now has the interior detailing fitting for a yacht of this iconic pedigree, now launched as Meserret III.