Our company environment policy tries to keep the studio as carbon neutral as possible.

Our carbon emissions, including foreign travel for all projects, are calculated and the correct sums are invested in carbon absorbing programs, using government approved companies. This year our donation to the World Land Trust has gone to help save the unique foothill forests in Ecuador.

We are trying to reduce our number of flights abroad by using our video conferencing facilities as an alternative when possible.

In addition to our yearly carbon off-setting, we also donate to two charities closer to home, Project Seagrass is a conservation charity based in Wales doing important work to secure a future for seagrass.

The Final Straw is a local charity who work tirelessly to highlight the impact of plastic pollution on our environment and help to clear the shores of Chichester Harbour (and beyond) of rubbish and micro plastics. We are proud to have joined them to reduce our plastic ‘footprint’ in the Studio too.

These are only a couple of the changes we are working on to become a more environmentally friendly Studio.